Accounting Consultants, Inc. specializes in accounting and tax services.

We have been a Quickbooks ProAdvisor for over ten years. This enables us to support many versions of Quickbooks.

The following is a brief list of our services:

Accounting Services
- Compilation of Financial Statements
- Preparation of Financial Statements
- Review of Financial Statements
- Preparation of Personal Financial Statements
- Computerized Bookkeeping (Accounts Payable,
   Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger)
- Reconciliation of Bank Statements
- Quickbooks Consulting
- New Business Set-Up

Tax Services for Individuals
- Individual Federal Income Tax Returns
- Individual State Income Tax Returns
- Tax Planning
- Electronic Filing

Estates & Trusts
- 1041 Income Tax Returns

Personal Financial Services

Tax Services for Businesses
- Corporate and Partnership Federal Tax Returns
- Tennessee Franchise and Excise Tax Returns
- Federal Payroll Tax Reports (Forms 941, 940,
   W3, W2S)
- State Payroll Tax Reports
- Subcontractor Forms (1099-misc., 1096)
- City and County Business Tax Returns
- Sales Tax Returns
- Other Federal, State, City, & County Returns
- Electronic Filing
- Tangible Personal Property Reports

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